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Marina Beach in Red Scale

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I recently returned from a trip to Chennai, in India, where I visited family and friends. Whenever I visit, I try to go to Marina Beach for some street (or is it beach?) photography. I enjoy shooting film when I’m not working an assignment, and this time I decided to red scale a role of color negative film, and walk the beach with my rangefinder.

Candy Seller, Marina Beach, 2012.


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San Francisco, California, 2010

San Francisco, California, 2010

Coconut Pickers

A coconut inside the warehouse of the Lomond Plantation. Coorg, India

A coconut inside the warehouse of the Lomond Plantation. Coorg, India

I just finished reporting a story about the shortage of climbers in Kerala’s coconut industry. The state government is sponsoring a competition to invent a mechanical coconut picker that will solve the labor crisis. A radio version of the story will air on The World, a show co-produced by Public Radio International, WGBH in Boston, and the BBC World Service. I want to write a print piece as well. Know any newspaper or magazine that might be interested? I plan on returning to Kerala to produce a documentary on the subject soon.

UPDATE: The story aired March 3rd, 2010 on The World.


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Somewhere between Mysore and Bangalore, India

Somewhere between Mysore and Bangalore, India

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Bhanu (left), Sathya (center), Devi Lal Bahadur

Bhanu (left), Sathya (center), Devi Lal Bahadur. Chennai, India

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The White Picket Fence

The White Picket Fence. Dortmund, Germany

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The Lake

The Lake. Dortmund, Germany

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The Street.

The Street. Dortmund, Germany